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Maitenance & Repair

For any vehicle owner, the distinction between auto maintenance and auto repair is critical to ensuring a long and healthy life for their preferred method of transportation. Both are essential in the smooth operation of a vehicle, but the terms are often confused for one another, which can lead some owners to pay more than they should over time.


Oil Change

We recommend you change your engine's oil every 5000 miles because oil filters have gotten smaller and have reduced filtering capacity. The result is that they load up quicker and a bypass check valve opens at higher engine speeds to allow unfiltered oil pass through the engine with carbon particles in the oil to wear out your engine faster. Engine oil is inexpensive - engine replacement is not!

Brake Inspection

At the very first sign that your brakes don't feel exactly right get your vehicle in for a brake inspection. Driving on warped brake disc's can wear out front end components very quickly. Avoid having to replace both brakes and front end components!

Japanese auto repair novato

We want your visit to Hamilton's Automotive to be the very best possible car service or repair experience you have ever had!

We accomplish this by delivering expert repair and service using OEM quality parts at an affordable price while attending to our customers needs.

Maintenance Services

Having your vehicle maintained by a true factory trained professional technician can save you thousands of dollars over the life of owning your vehicle. Early detection of potential bigger problems down the road is the key to saving money on vehicle repairs.

Repair Services

We preform all aspects of repair:
Check Engine Light Diagnostics | Computer Module Diagnostics | Communication Between Modules Repair | Brake Repair | Suspension Repair | Power Steering Repair | Steering Component Repair | Engine Repair | Transmission Replacement | Clutch Replacement | Timing Belt Replacement | Air Bag System Repair | Air Conditioning Repair | Convertible Top Repair | Sunroof Repair | Door & Window Repair | Electrical Repair | ABS System Repair.